EiC C Interpreter

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  • April 30, 2008 - Releasing EiCsrc-4.3.3.lbx bundle


This beautiful software is the original work of Edmond J. Breen, and contributors.

EiC hasn't been available from its erstwhile SourceForge home since at least 2005. It perhaps hasn't been developed actively since a few years earlier. We are making it available here, with minimal changes to allow compilation on recent Linux systems.

If you're using EiC and have bugfixes or improvements, we would be happy to know about them. We will also accept bug reports, and assist with issues, as time permits.

Known Issues

A number. We are interested in bug reports and bugfix and feature-enhancement patches.


Until 2005, EiC was an open-source project hosted at http://eic.sourceforge.net. This project link no longer appears active.


The EiC package is made available under the the provisions of the original Artistic license grant by EiC's original author Edmond J. Breen. This license allows the package to be redistributed with improvements.

All Linux Box changes to EiC from its 4.3.3 version may be considered to be in the public domain.


(C) Copyright May 7 1995, Edmond J. Breen. Changes (C) Linux Box Corporation, 2008.


Edmond J. Breen


  1. Unpack tar archive (eg, tar -xjvf EiCsrc*)
  2. Run config/makeconfig
  3. Run "make" or "make install"
  4. See README for fuller details


Get a source bundle here