I want to say thank you for your time and effort. The referrals I’ve heard about Linux Box proved correct. You demonstrated an ability to quickly grasp what we were trying to accomplish. You proposed a phased-approach that would enable us to closely monitor our capital outlay – while still developing a product that would yield value to our organization.

Chuck Beck
TSF Consultants

McKesson’s a very large enterprise, often with complex and competing requirements. LinuxBox has been flexible, responsive, and ultimately customer-centric, working with our Users Group which manages application investment as well as the IT organizations which deliver and deploy technology. They have consistently made the commitment to do what’s necessary to serve the best interests of our end-users, and hence build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We consider The Linux Box a trusted advisor for our application strategies.

Paul E. Miller
Director, Information Systems
McKesson Provider Technologies
(404) 338-3958

Dear Linux Box Folk,
Please know how much I appreciate the caring and careful way that you have built this estimate. I love your attention to detail and thoughtful planning. Your company has given me a whole new way to think about running an IT organization and I very much appreciate it. I can see creative and affordable software solutions in places that were never possible before because the combination of open source systems with quality customization makes it viable. Additionally, the IT game has become one of slowly being eaten alive by ever growing encroachment of maintenance fees on our operational budget. You folks have put us back in control of maintenance and enhancement in a new and exciting way.
Thank you,

Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate it. ... I'll be able to launch [my] three sites soon. I wouldn't have been able to do so without the help of you and your colleagues at the Linux Box.


Congratulations are in order for Matt. He is a valuable member of your team. He has some good contacts and/or research skills, evident in hunting down various undocumented features of Squid that allowed us to complete this phase of our project. He went the extra mile in fitting our project into his schedule and I'm sure he works more than 8 hours a day too. His ability to delve into the code of Squid, and work through what turned into something more complicated shows the professional level of both the staff at The Linux Box as well as himself....

..... The important part to us was that it was completed,
within a reasonable time period at a reasonable cost.

Thanks again and looking forward to working with you in the future!


"We are very pleased with the work performed by The Linux Box. They have introduced us to technologies that allow easy management of our tasks, as well as build our research knowledge base and share it, in a secure way, with the global organization. The web portal hides any and all complexities of the underlying system from the user and assures that it can be accessed and operated by any privileged company member, from anywhere in the world, from any computer with a web browser."

H.B.H - Manager, Restraint Systems Research
Auburn Hills, Michigan
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